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Saturday, December 25, 2004
Everything you need to know ... for now ...

I don't post every day. I'm not a pundit - I'm a propagandist. I try to propagate a very limited set of ideas - just three, really:

1 - Being alive for a short time is better than being dead forever.

2 - Being alive and making fun of death for a short time is better than being dead forever and having to listen to the worms tell knock-knock jokes.

3 - Worse than being dead forever is being an unwitting participant in the conspiracy of the Empire of Zoon(TM). Even as you read this, the Zoonians are replacing your neighbors with humorless clones who have no necks.

So ... be fruitful and multiply.

... and find something to laugh about ... QUICK!

!!! Follow the following link to learn more about the dire threat posed by the
Empire of Zoon !!!